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Doggonerunnin website banner features doggonerunnin logo with paw prints going horizontally across the page. The paw prints contain photos of dogs.

Doggonerunnin Website Design

Website Design and development for doggonerunnin

Doggonerunnin is a pet service company that specializes in dog walking and pet sitting. Doggonerunnin requested a unique website be built to inform potential clients about the services offered and to have a web presence.

Skills used

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Doggonerunnin logo bordered on the bottom by paw prints with dog photos within them.

The Solution

A single page site was designed with a earthy color palette and modern fonts. The banner features paw prints with photos of dogs within them.

Website category page has a page header, text banner, left side bar of categories and main content section with products.

An illustration of a leash runs down the entirety of the site giving it a whimsical playful feel. Subtle animations of the elements call extra attention throughout the site.

Clean website layout with modern fonts and playful pictures of dogs. Earthy color palette and illustration of leash whimsically running down the site layout behind elements.

My role in the project

  • Directly communicated with client
  • Project management
  • Design layout
  • Image editing
  • Illustration
  • Code website

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