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Woman in red dress smiling at woman in matching dress in white.

Amy Sport Lookbook UI Design

Lookbook UI Design and Development for Amy Sport

Amy Sport was launched in 2017 and sells luxury golf wear to petite women for wear on and off the course. This fashion-forward brand is made in the USA and is modern, sophisticated and chic.

Amy Sport requested a lookbook designed to showcase the pieces within a collection. The client asked that it be developed in such a way that employess could easily change the images and text within the book to use for later printings.

Skills used


Acrobat Pro





Cover of the lookbook design. Left hand column with logo, company name, collection, tag line, and url. Right hand column large image of two women on golf course.

The Solution

In order to execute the client's request so that no new software or training was needed, the lookbook was developed in Acrobat Pro.

Data input window showing javascript code for pdf form Layout of form cells showing hidden buttons on the upper left corner of page.

The layout was created in InDesign and brought into Acrobat Pro. A form as made from the InDesign file that allowed the user to change text and images within the layout. Page templates were created to allow for different layouts within the book. The user adds those pages via hidden buttons on the current page. To ensure that branding guidelines were maintained throughout the book, forms were coded with javascript.

Short instructional videos were delivered with the final product to walk the user through using the form.

Layout of lookbook page with a woman on golf course on left side of page. Towards the bottom of the right side of page is name of clothing she is wearing and colors available.

My role in the project

  • Directly communicated with client
  • Project management
  • Design book layout
  • Design user experience
  • Develop form

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